Click2Call SearchCall me lazy, but I often just want to search, click, and talk. Now, this gadget lets me do it by using the Click2CallU beta service from Vonage.  When you click on a search result, you receive a call that connects you automatically to the desired number (no dialing). 

I hope Vonage adds WS-Security protocol support to this service (even better using WCS and WCF).  They currently only provide POST and GET over https, which makes it challenging for gadgets like this one.  Why?  Because this gadget simply wants to act as a pass-through intermediary for connecting me securely to Vonage's service.  Even when gadget frameworks don't have SSL proxies or SSL iframe support, it should be simple to connect securely at the application message level. That way, even if javascript requires that I talk back only to my original http domain, my domain could be a credential-blind, trustworthy relay on the way to Vonage's service. 

It's a bit inconvenient to be prompted for your Vonage password whenever you refresh the page, but it's better than storing or transmitting your password in the clear. Your password remains client-side, and is only transmitted via the https GET call to the Vonage service.  There's still a risk of an evil inline gadget walking the DOM looking for the global variable with your Vonage password.  We'll have to contact Vonage to work with them on a WCS and WCF implementation.

Click2Call icon   If you see "authorization failed" or this disabled phone icon after clicking "click 2 call" on a search result, it means that you haven't yet specified your Vonage account settings for this gadget.  Click the gadget's "edit" link, and enter your:

  1. Vonage phone number (formatted like 15556667777)
  2. Vonage username

Also, kudos to MarkL and team for the v0.1 ajax search control I used in this version of the gadget.  (Yes, Google is a rival, but he added VirtualEarth-like simplicity to hosting a search control).  I'll post the Live Search version that I have running on my localhost as soon as my hoster  Server Intellect (add your vote) adds support for either .asbx or .axd tunneling used by Atlas