If you're on a web page that displays a book with its ISBN/ISSN number, you can search or reserve the book at our local library with one click using this bookmarklet:

  1. Right-click on this link:  Peninsula Library System and select "Add to Favorites..."
  2. Select "Yes" when prompted with "You are adding a favoirte that may not be safe.  Do you want to continue?" (only because this link comes from a trusted son :) Usually say "No" if you see this)
  3. Select "Links" from the "Create in:" folder prompt, then press the "Add" button.
  4. Right-click on any blank area of the browser's toolbar above and select "Links" if there is no check-mark next to it.

Now, whenever you're on a web page showing a book you want, just click the "Peninsual Library System" link on your toolbar.  If there's an ISBN/ISSN number on the web page, then a new window will open with the search results for that book in our local library.  The search includes all these San Francisco Peninsula libraries.  You can then reserve the book online and pick it up at your local library.

If you're not my Mom, and want a bookmarklet for a different library system, check out The LibraryLookup Project.

Update: the link now looks for the ISBN/ISSN on the web page itself if no number was found in the URL.  So clicking the link from step 1 above should now jump to the Barack Obama best seller because "ISBN: 0307237699" is on this page.