Hey Campers! Checking in from day one at PDC. This morning’s keynote address led off with Ray Ozzie talking about his vision for our next iteration of Software+Services. talking about expanding from the single node, like with a desktop or a mobile phone to services higher up at the enterprise level, or even beyond in the cloud. with that vision, he announced the launch of Windows Azure, a hosted platform of services in the cloud. Things like identity, Active Directory integration at the local level and in the cloud, ETC… looks very nice. although it’s not truly embedded, I thought it would be interesting as some of you may have ideas for an embedded device that may compliment a service in the cloud. The community technology preview is live now at the link above. The Keynote was very impressive – Here’s some Pictures:

DSC_0065 (2)

That’s Ray Ozzie – our Chief Software Architect!

DSC_0059 (2)

6000+ of our closest friends turned up to watch the keynote!


we also saw first hand some of the Azure services in action, like bluehoo, a mobile social networking app that has cloud based services. they anticipate quite a spike since announcing here at PDC, so they’re using Azure services to scale up. they went from 2 virtual machines to 20 right before our eyes… very cool! Good Luck to you, Bluehoo! beer


Also, as a special treat, in the partner pavilion we have a replica of the Mars Rover for folks to see. It’s a part of the CCR/DSS Runtime exhibit, which is part of our Robotics Studio family! Thanks to NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory for spending time with us!

DSC_0072 (2)


Also, I’ve put up some pictures of various sights take a look:


DSC_0057 (2)

I was accosted hugged by the Channel 9 guy… he’s running at me in this picture!



Here’s our POD in the Microsoft information Pavilion.


More to come Tomorrow! smile_wink