March, 2009

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So why yet another blog in the embedded world, you ask? well - let's see - I could do it in the form of a top ten list, but that would mean we'd be here awhile. so I'll make it short - there are lots of blogs out there by developers, for developers. These blogs go deep sometimes into the world of code - my primary role is to support the distributor engineers for Microsoft, and most aren't developers. so suffice it to say a lot of the other blog content tends to go above and beyond what these folks need to be effective in their jobs. so my blog is here to point things out, albeit sometimes from other blogs, that are relevant to our distributors. Hope you enjoy! Drop a line sometime.



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    ESC Keynote and industry address

    I’m sitting live here at ESC Silicon Valley, where we just heard from Admiral T.K. Mattingly (USN, Ret.), who was an astronaut on the Apollo 13 mission. he gave a great talk about his life and gave us a lot of insight into what happened up there that...
  • John Coyne's Embedded Blog

    It’s ESC time again!

      Sorry it’s been awhile since I’ve posted… I’ve been absolutely buried with things to get done. Now that I’ve gotten *most* of them done, I’m here at ESC west, speaking again. Interesting, while preparing demos and content yesterday, in Dion’s hotel...
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