August, 2010

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So why yet another blog in the embedded world, you ask? well - let's see - I could do it in the form of a top ten list, but that would mean we'd be here awhile. so I'll make it short - there are lots of blogs out there by developers, for developers. These blogs go deep sometimes into the world of code - my primary role is to support the distributor engineers for Microsoft, and most aren't developers. so suffice it to say a lot of the other blog content tends to go above and beyond what these folks need to be effective in their jobs. so my blog is here to point things out, albeit sometimes from other blogs, that are relevant to our distributors. Hope you enjoy! Drop a line sometime.



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    AOpen Forum 2010!–it’s all about signage

    I’m here in San Francisco, CA attending the AOpen Partner Forum 2010 – Pretty good Turnout We’re here talking about Digital Signage and Retail Trends in general. There’s about 100 people here from all over the world who are thought innovators in the area...
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    Got Signage?

      I’ve been working in and out of the digital signage business for quite a while, with lots of different customers… One of the best innovations I’ve seen for signage in some time is Windows Embedded Standard 7. take all the power of Windows 7 from...
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    Helping Developers find the right pieces

      I get asked from time to time about where folks can go to find apps for their WES7 based designs. Let’s say you want to include Antivirus, or Adobe Reader in your image – but aren’t sure that they’re set up to work correctly! well, posted here...
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