SQL Server 2008 feature support survey

SQL Server 2008 feature support survey

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Since the release of SQL Server 2008, we have heard from customers looking for a JDBC driver that supports SQL Server 2008.  I would like to use this post to ask you, our customers, which features of SQL Server 2008 do you need supported through the JDBC driver.  We want to make sure we are delivering features which adds the most value to our customers and your feedback will help us help you.

Here are some features to get things started:

  • Date/Time/Datetime2/DatetimeOffset data type
  • Sparse Columns
  • Table-Value Parameters
  • T-SQL MERGE command
  • Filestream data type
  • Spatial data type
  • HierarchyID data type

Please add any you don't see on the list.  If there are multiple features you need, please rank them in order of priority.

Jimmy Wu
SQL Server JDBC Team

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  • +2 Date/Time/Datetime2/DatetimeOffset data type

    +1 Filestream data type

    Why you must support explicit Sparse Columns? Is it not only a internal behavior?

  • azgard,

    Yes, you are mainly right that Sparse Columns is primarily an SQL Server internal behavior, but the column metadata needs to be updated to allow users to discover that it is a Sparse Column.

    We will think through all of the usage experience our customers will have through the driver if/when we tackle this SQL Server feature as well as all other features.


  • 1. Date/Time/Datetime2/DatetimeOffset data type

    2. Sparse Columns

    3. Spatial data type

    4. HierarchyID data type

    ?. Table-Value Parameters

    ?. T-SQL MERGE command

    ?. Filestream data type

    By ? I mean we haven't figured out if these would be of value yet.

  • It is very interesting for us to use JDBC driver to read an write Spatial data type. Now, we can use only Oracle SDO.

  • We are looking foreward to support for spatial data type.

  • We are looking foreward to support for spatial data type.

  • Re-posting

    Support for "Bulk Copy"?

    I was half way done porting the "Bulk Copy" using the current microsoft jdbc driver. Used the com.microsoft.jdbc.sqlserver.tds package to do that.

    and now when I look at your new classes, this package is gone, so I'll have to go back to JNI.

    Java applications deserves a "Bulk Copy" implementation, where one can call bcpInit, bcpSendRow, bcpBatch, bcpDone. without using the stupid file logic or JNI.

  • To conform with type 4 JDBC driver.

  • Support connecting using Windows credentials from UNIX by specifying them on the connection string.

  • Thank-you all for your feedback.  They are very helpful to us.


    Jimmy Wu

  • Most important:

    1. Date/Time/Datetime2/DatetimeOffset data type

    2. Does anything need to be added to the driver to support wide tables (ie. tables with more than 1024 columns)? If so, then that would be important to us as well.

    3. Bulkcopy

    4. Sparse columns


  • Spatial data type is most important for us.

  • Hi Jimmy,

    When are you thinking to deliver sql 2008 jdbc driver? It is really urgent for me.


  • jasdue,

    At this time I am not able to provide a timeframe when we will release a JDBC driver that support new features introduced in SQL Server 2008.  We are actively looking into this.


    Jimmy Wu

  • DateTime2 Support is very important:

    - PreparedStatement.setTimestamp()

    based on milliseconds (without rounding)

    - Metadata should return the correct DataType not nvarchar.

    For us this feature is important to migrate an Oracle application to SQLServer without refactoring the hole Timestamp handling.


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