SQL Server 2008 feature support survey

SQL Server 2008 feature support survey

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Since the release of SQL Server 2008, we have heard from customers looking for a JDBC driver that supports SQL Server 2008.  I would like to use this post to ask you, our customers, which features of SQL Server 2008 do you need supported through the JDBC driver.  We want to make sure we are delivering features which adds the most value to our customers and your feedback will help us help you.

Here are some features to get things started:

  • Date/Time/Datetime2/DatetimeOffset data type
  • Sparse Columns
  • Table-Value Parameters
  • T-SQL MERGE command
  • Filestream data type
  • Spatial data type
  • HierarchyID data type

Please add any you don't see on the list.  If there are multiple features you need, please rank them in order of priority.

Jimmy Wu
SQL Server JDBC Team

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  • Hi,

    I am looking for a way to pass list of records, where each record having three columns, to Sql Server stored procedure. I have found that there are two ways of doing this - 1. Using OpenXML 2. TVP.

    I have studied that passing a large XML through network to the database might cause problems. So am i left with the only option of using TVP's? If so can some one give me the link, that shows java example usage of it?



  • Hi, We need support for the CURSOR data type. This will allow us to read multiple result-sets at a time easily(instead of multiple database calls), thus making more people switch to SQL Server 2008

  • I would like to see the driver support  secure cross-platform single sign-on capability.

  • @Steve  The 4.0 version of the Microsoft JDBC Driver (Released March 2012) supports pure Java Kerberos authentication that can be implemented in a cross realm and cross platform environment.  Here is a link to more details on our Kerberos authentication.  msdn.microsoft.com/.../gg558122.aspx

    Please let us know if you have additional requirements beyond what we offer today.

  • Can you please include FILESTREAM data type support (i.e File Streaming API ) similar to the .NET provided SQLFileStream class


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