Hello! My name is John deVadoss jdevados@microsoft.com and I am a Solutions Architect in the .NEAT (.NET Enterprise Architecture Team) at Microsoft. You can find blogs by some of my more illustrious colleagues at Simon Guest, David Hill, Ramkumar Kothandaraman, and Harry Pierson.


First, the disclaimer - The content of this site is my own personal opinion and does not represent my employer's view or my team’s view in any way. My thoughts and opinions often change and, as a weblog is intended to provide a semi-permanent point in time snapshot, you should not consider out of date posts to reflect my current thoughts and opinions.


Now, for the interesting stuff – I am primarily interested in helping businesses realize value from IT.


Some of the things that I think about a fair bit are SOA, Sourcing (nee Outsourcing), Extensibility, Manageability, Metadata, Data Architecture, Business Process Management, the relationship between IT Operations and Business Analysts as opposed to between Developers and IT Operations, IT Operations, Modeling tools, and Virtualization.


The fact that I think about these doesn’t imply that I am working on any of these – I have lots of opinions and thoughts though J