Approximately six months back we made a strategic decision to invest on creating architecture guidance for the SaaS space. This work is being led by Gianpaolo Carraro and Fred Chong in my team.

In a very short span of time both GP and Fred have done some amazing work in this area - check out their blogs for what we have published, and a glimpse at what we are working on - btw, there is also a book on SaaS architecture that they are working on.

It gives me great pleasure to see that both of them are being recognized for their work - Phil Wainewright calls out GP:

"... Gianpaolo's blog: Gianpaolo doesn't post often but every post is worth its weight in gold. It's his job to translate Microsoft's SaaS message into terms that make sense to developers. A tough job, but someone has to do it, and Gainpaolo does it well."

And Brian Reed in his SaaS: The 10 People Who Matter calls our Fred:

"...Fred Chong of Microsoft for his technical thoughts and guidelines to would be entrepreneurs..."

Phenomenal impact in a short amount of time - congratulations Fred and GP!