February, 2011

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I work with Microsoft Services and .net is my life. I am expertise with Microsoft Web Technologies, OOA/OOD, WPF, Silverlight. As I love to share knowledge and learn by experiences, I blog whenever I get a leisure; though it's hard to get :)

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    Unleashing ASP.net Calendar Control

    Calendar control is as important as a normal text box control in any application. Most of any application which needs data entry will definitely need a calendar control at some part. ASP.net has a very good calendar control which we often ignore...
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    Getting Added And Deleted Items In A List Using LINQ

    Most the time when we work with a list object, finding a newly added items or deleted items becomes a very trivial part of the logic. Sometimes, we endup writing sophisticated logic or loops to get this done. Below code will demonstrate how this...
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    Guide: Write your own syntax highlighter

    Syntax Highlighter has become the trivial part of every programmers life. Since "Oxford English Dictionary" which was published in the year 1985, we are addicted to these editors. In this post, I will walk you through a very simple and basic syntax...
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