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  • Blog Post: Dynamic Lambda Expression For Sorting A List / Collection Using Complex Types Without Implementing IComparable

    In this article we will see how to sort on complex properties. In our scenario, we have “Employee” entity, where we have a property “Department” which is a complex type. Now let us assume that we are binding the list of employees list along with the department name. Lets see how...
  • Blog Post: Releasing Single / Multiple Files To Pre Compiled Web Site

    We most the time run into the issue where we need to release a patch which requires a change in one or multiple code behind files and since your site is compiled, you are put into the state that you have to do a deployment instead of releasing those files. But, fortunately you can do that on a
  • Blog Post: Tip : How To Scroll To Validation Summary by default calls the function window.scrollTo(0,0) after the validation failure from validators but not always we have the validation summary control placed at the top. There are instances where we need to place validation summary at some other location but by doing this, instead the...
  • Blog Post: Localization / Multilingual Support Using Resource Files In .net

    Localization for a multilingual application is every developer's nightmare. With .net it is not a tough programming as most of the algorithm is already available. Well in this article we will discuss on how we can achieve localization using resource files. Read More
  • Blog Post: Tip: Customizing / Adding Image To Radio Button List Control

    Today I will share a tip through which you can customize the way your RadioButtonList control will look. Below is a simple code which will enable to add me icons for the radio buttons in the list. Read More
  • Blog Post: Unleashing Calendar Control

    Calendar control is as important as a normal text box control in any application. Most of any application which needs data entry will definitely need a calendar control at some part. has a very good calendar control which we often ignore without exploring how far it can be programmed /...
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