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  • Blog Post: DIY Home Security Using Kinect, Azure, Windows Phone and Windows 8

    Most the people who were in the TechEd 2012 India would have witnessed the cool demo by me and Abhijit Jana made on the opening Keynotes of the event. And now we would like to share how this solution was developed so that you can also build your own. Before we could pitch in, let me give a little...
  • Blog Post: Azure Tutorial; Be in cloud (Part 5) [Storage Account - Introduction]

    Windows Azure - Storage Now that we have already completed the part of compute, we will now dive into another bigger advantage of the Azure; the storage. This shouldn’t be confused with the hosting space provided by many hosting vendors. Unlike the hosting space, or disk space provided...
  • Blog Post: Azure Tutorial; Be in cloud (Part 4) [Worker Role]

    Windows Azure - Compute (Worker Role) Before we start of with the worker role, we might talk about few things over the course which we have already discussed on our previous part. If you haven't read the previous part and you aren't able to follow something, I would recommend reading the previous...
  • Blog Post: A Leap In Embedded Programming; .Net Micro Framework

    We .net programmers are definitely proud that .net is everywhere. Today .net is everywhere from controlling satellites to controlling bicycles. You heard it right, my fellow employee Colin Miller has already developed an application using .Net micro framework which reads every data from a bicycle...
  • Blog Post: Azure Tutorial; Be in cloud (Part 3)

    The third part of Azure tutorial is now published and here you will learn how to program a web role i.e., writing a website on Azure.
  • Blog Post: Azure Tutorial; Be in cloud (Part 2)

    The second part for the azure tutorial is posted in
  • Blog Post: Azure Tutorial; Be in cloud (Part 1)

    Start using Azure; Visit here for a complete tutorial.
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