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  • Blog Post: Why Ternary Operator Doesnt Support Nullable Types

    Nullable types and ternary operators are around for many years now and may be not everybody know that ternary operator doesn't support assigning null values to nullable types. To understand the real reason for the design, I got in touch with Mads Torgersen, Alex Turner and Anson Horton; the lead technologists...
  • Blog Post: Localization / Multilingual Support Using Resource Files In .net

    Localization for a multilingual application is every developer's nightmare. With .net it is not a tough programming as most of the algorithm is already available. Well in this article we will discuss on how we can achieve localization using resource files. Read More
  • Blog Post: Tip: Null Coalescing Operator To Define Default Value For Nullable Types - Double Question Mark

    There is a easy way you could specify the default value i.e., the default value to be used in case the nullable type has a null value in it. Read More.
  • Blog Post: Multiple Sort For Collection Using LINQ

    There are quite a lot of instance where you need to do a primary sort and you need a secondary sort on the same collection and sometimes even multiple sort. With LINQ we can achieve it pretty straight forward. Read More
  • Blog Post: Getting Added And Deleted Items In A List Using LINQ

    Most the time when we work with a list object, finding a newly added items or deleted items becomes a very trivial part of the logic. Sometimes, we endup writing sophisticated logic or loops to get this done. Below code will demonstrate how this can be easily done using LINQ. Read More
  • Blog Post: Guide: Write your own syntax highlighter

    Syntax Highlighter has become the trivial part of every programmers life. Since "Oxford English Dictionary" which was published in the year 1985, we are addicted to these editors. In this post, I will walk you through a very simple and basic syntax highlighter application. Read More
  • Blog Post: Tip: Search Multiple Strings Using Regular Expression

    This is small piece of code snippet which I wanted to share as we face this necessity in our day to day programming. Suppose you have a need when you need to search multiple string Read More
  • Blog Post: Workaround For Non Serializable Types

    There are many a situations you would have come across when you want to XML serialize an object but since the type is a non - serializable you can't do it, and you could have done a lot of code for getting the functionality done. There is a much simpler and easy way to get this achieved. Read...
  • Blog Post: A Leap In Embedded Programming; .Net Micro Framework

    We .net programmers are definitely proud that .net is everywhere. Today .net is everywhere from controlling satellites to controlling bicycles. You heard it right, my fellow employee Colin Miller has already developed an application using .Net micro framework which reads every data from a bicycle...
  • Blog Post: Azure Tutorial; Be in cloud (Part 3)

    The third part of Azure tutorial is now published and here you will learn how to program a web role i.e., writing a website on Azure.
  • Blog Post: Multi Language / Multicultural Exception Handling In WCF Using FaultReason

    It was during the Virtual Tech Days when I was presenting the "Exception Handling In WCF" session, one attendee wanted on how to use the fault reason to have multilingual / multicultural exceptions being handled and shown without any extra code. And so I promised him to post an article on the same and...
  • Blog Post: Ping remote machines using .net

    Check the article post at
  • Blog Post: Azure Tutorial; Be in cloud (Part 2)

    The second part for the azure tutorial is posted in
  • Blog Post: Recovering your application from unhandled exception in .net

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