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  • Blog Post: Proposing The Right Solution To Your Customer

    It has been always a challenge when you have to suggest the right solution to the customer. A right & apt solution given to the customer is more than a business. On the contrast a wrong solution can ruin your career and so as your organization's. Today I am going to discuss very briefly on the...
  • Blog Post: Must Know Tips For Windows Phone Mango

    Well it's almost 2 months since I've been using different mango versions and now the RTM. Well for the people who are still waiting for it, I am pleased to announce that "You gonna love it!". Read More
  • Blog Post: Tip: Search Multiple Strings Using Regular Expression

    This is small piece of code snippet which I wanted to share as we face this necessity in our day to day programming. Suppose you have a need when you need to search multiple string Read More
  • Blog Post: Must Know Tips For Windows Phone 7

    We all know that Windows Phone 7 is the new smart kid out in the market and since it is altogether a new platform by itself, there are few things which you might not know about Windows Phone. This article will focus on getting on few tips that would help you on your day to day activities with...
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