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Sr. Software Design Engineer, Microsoft

February, 2004

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    CSharp Bits:System.IO Namespace

    Namespaces in the .NET Framework The .NET Framework provides common language services to a variety of application development tools. The classes in the framework provide an interface to the common language runtime, the operating system, and the network...
  • Jeff Adkins' WebLog


    Reflection You can obtain information about the type of an object by using a mechanism called reflection. The reflection mechanism in C# is handled by the System.Reflection namespace in the .NET Framework. This namespace contains classes and interfaces...
  • Jeff Adkins' WebLog

    CSharp Bits:Common Methods for All Reference Types

    I was asked to externally blog my posts to an internal Microsoft email distribution group that I own called CSharp Bits. This digest is comprised of C# topics that I try to issue daily, typically one topic per post. It is a tutorial approach so prerequisites...
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