August, 2006

  • Jeff Beehler's Blog

    SDRs - getting customer feedback early and often

    For three days last week we spent time with 30 customers representing a number of companies from around the world sharing with them some ideas we have about the future of VSTS. We typically conduct a number of these Software Design Reviews (SDRs) during...
  • Jeff Beehler's Blog

    What are value propositions anyway?

    In my last post , I wrote about "value propositions" as one of the key items we received feedback on during our recent Software Design Reviews (SDR). Since we haven't talked much about the use of value propositions (value props for short) during prior...
  • Jeff Beehler's Blog

    Blogging again

    I can't believe's been just over 5 months since I last posted a blog entry when TFS shipped on March 17th. Since then I've spoken to various user groups, reviewed many pieces of feedback from customers, and have been busy working with our team...
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