The teams responsible for Team System reporting are interested in your feedback as they map out a course for the future.  Reporting is one of the most powerful components within Team System.  In fact, I use the reporting capabilities of the system on a daily basis to help me get a handle on our various projects.  We have created numerous custom reports (which I hope to show you over time) and are always looking for more ways to leverage the information available in the system. However, I'm afraid most customers aren't realizing the full capabilities of the system. So, I'm interested in learning how important reporting is to you and your teams, what data you look at and what information you'd like to see but can't seem to get at.  Part of this will inform our investment in reports available out of the box as well as understanding what areas need to be easiest to customize.  I know what I, as a customer want, but I'm even more interested in hearing what you want. 

Please take 10-15 minutes to tell us: