We recently ran a bootcamp for some of our internal teams on the testing capabilities of Visual Studio Team System and used a bunch of blog articles already available on the web.  Seems like this list might be useful for others so here you go...enjoy!  What other resources would you recommend?

Adding an IE7 Browser Template for use by Web Tests

Testing web applications with pop ups

Article Posted: Advanced Load Testing Features of VSTS

Running Tests with Code Coverage
Performance testing guidance
SharePoint Load Tests
Load Agents
Dial your load - custom load patterns in VSTS Load Tests
Driving more load

Check and modify the status of extraction or validation rules

So you want to replay an IIS web server log?

Why can't I generate more load?

Web Test Authoring and Debugging Techniques

Custom ExtractionRule to extract form fields by index

Wednesday, November 02, 2005 2:17 PM

A custom ValidationRule to catch redirects to error pages

ASP.Net Load Test Maintenance App

Improve load test performance on multi-processor machines

Custom Data Binding in Web Tests

Load Test Reports are Available

Adding Different Types of Data Sources to a Web Test
Testing the page object for an ASP.NET site