October, 2007

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    VS2008 Beta2 VPCs re-released

    As the final act in our saga of expiring VPCs , I'm happy to announce that we've reissued VPCs for VS2008 Beta2 with an updated expiration date. You can find the updated links on the VS2008 download page : Visual Studio Team System 2008 Beta 2 Team Suite...
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    Update on expiring VS2008 Beta2 VPCs

    Over the past few days I've been doing a lot of research around the issue of the VPCs issued with VS2008 / TFS 2008 Beta2 expiring on November 1, 2007. I wanted to share my findings with everyone. First, because it wasn't clear to me what would happen...
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    VS2008 Beta2 VPCs expiring prematurely

    We recently discovered that the VPCs we distributed as part of the VS2008 Beta2 release will expire on Thursday, November 1, 2007, much earlier than we had originally expected. Since the timeout is at the OS level, we cannot automatically extend the timeout...
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    Check out the new Tester Center on MSDN

    Testers play a critical role in the successful release of most software projects. However, to date, we haven't done a great job providing test specific information on MSDN. Today, with the introduction of the new Tester Center , that all changes. I encourage...
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    Please give us your thoughts on MSF

    In many ways, the Microsoft Solutions Framework (MSF) is at the very center of Team System. It goes beyond telling you what Team System is but how best to use it given proven practices that we've developed over the years. As such, we want to make sure...
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    Soma writes about Team Developer features

    Soma's writing a series of blog posts on VS2008 features in anticipation of our coming release. As part of that, he's posted twice in recent weeks on features coming out in the Development edition of Team System: Debugging and Profiling Features in VS...
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    New Team System User Group in Seattle

    Brian Estep of Velocity Partners is organizing a new user group for Team System here in the Seattle metro area. They have set their first meeting for October 9th and have invited me to speak to them about Team System 2008 as well as "Rosario". I'm excited...
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    September TFS Power Tools now available

    The TFS team continues to do a great job releasing Power Tools on a regular basis to the community even though they're also hard at work with TFS 2008 and Rosario. Bryan and Brian have announced the details but at a high level the newest areas of focus...
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    Operations Guidance for TFS

    The Team System Rangers have done it again. Their mission is the accelerate adoption of Team System so they're always on the look out for those things that might be blocking customers from deploying and using our tools. Based on repeated customer requests...
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