Testers play a critical role in the successful release of most software projects. However, to date, we haven't done a great job providing test specific information on MSDN.  Today, with the introduction of the new Tester Center, that all changes.  I encourage you to check it out today!

Some of the features I'm most excited about include:

  • Whiteboard videos - short focused conversations about typical topics that testers encounter on a daily basis.  I appreciate the conversational tone and the fact that they're linked directly to forum posts for further discussion.
  • Testing experts - looking at the list of testing experts the team has amassed to support this effort with new content is stunning.  You can expect to see them blogging, writing articles, making videos and answering forum posts.
  • Test column - ask your questions of the experts and get a detailed explanation from one of our experts. 
  • Forum - everywhere you see this icon , it'll take you to forum discussion specifically on that topic.  In addition, you can post your own discussion topics for the community to contribute to. 

I'm looking forward to seeing this new Center come to life...with your help it can really turn into something great.