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May, 2004

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    dependency analysis in msbuild

    when people first get their hands on msbuild, especially those familiar with other build systems, one of the first things they notice is msbuild's dependency analysis mechanism. the msbuild engine offers basic dependency checking based on explicitly declared...
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    coming soon: wix tasks for msbuild

    hey y'all, and sorry i haven't written in a couple of weeks. we're working hard to ship our first beta of msbuild right now so my blog unfortunately sat down with a hefty piece of neglect pie. but i'm back now (to the three of you who actually read this;...
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    today on dr. phil: resolving conflict among dependencies

    Since joining the MSBuild team, I've learned more than I ever thought imaginable about .NET references and dependencies, largely because I'm responsible for testing the ResolveAssemblyReference task we'll be shipping as part of our task library. Between...
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    tasks in msbuild and nant

    this weekend, ted neward wrote some dispirited comments about microsoft's decision to release msbuild in light of nant's community acceptance. now his point is larger than just the decision to release msbuild, and dare has commented on the larger issue...
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