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September, 2004

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    new msbuild wiki

    over at the nunitaddin blog, there's a post announcing a new msbuild wiki maintained by external customers and developers. i'm sure you'll find a few of the msbuild team members contributing there too. please share any interesting resources/tips with...
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    the sequel

    once again, the msbuild team will be packing our bags and heading to a secret location to fix as many bugs as possible. hopefully it will be as successful as last time . unfortunately, we'll be missing some of the helping hands we had last time, but maybe...
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    msbuild developer jomo fisher has joined the blogging ranks

    one of the devs on msbuild, jomo fisher, has just started a new blog. check it out - he knows his stuff! ( RSS ) ciao- jeff.
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    debugging a build process - what works for you?

    building a large piece of software can take a very long time. combine the times to compile and link with syncing sources, running test suites and unit tests, mailing a build report, copying the bins over the network, etc. and you have a process that can...
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