Hello. I work on Internet Explorer-- specifically the Browser UI team. And sometimes I have a life outside of that. If it was not obvious by now I will say it now. This is my introductory post. As such, I feel I should present some sort of outline for what is going on here, and that requires a brief history of Jeff and The Internet. For the last five years or so my public log (I just cannot accept the term "blog." Let us not mention it again.) has lived at my university web page (use Google if you really must). But things change, people move on, etc, and now I work at Microsoft and Microsoft, being all hip and stuff, has this convenient BlogX (said it again!) tool for me to use. So I am using it and I will talk about the obvious things-- my life, Microsoft, Internet Explorer and code and the things I work on. Quite a commitment and balancing act. Also this is a test post to see how this thing works. Ta.