Well, the Cracker/Camper show last night was really good.  I always find it interesting to see who else from works shows up at rock shows.  Interestingly enough, there was a large overlap in attendence between this show and G3.  Anyway, we staked out good spots near the stage.  This is important because I like to be able to see the player's fingers on their instruments.   I knew about fifty per cent of the songs played.  I think I can play every bass line from watching their bass player.  While watching Camper Van the thought occured to me that they were a bunch of slightly above average musicians who came together to form one heck of a band. 

Question: What is the (current) difference between Cracker and Camper Van Beethoven?
Answer: A guitar player.

It is amazing the difference a guitar player makes.  The Cracker songs were much more intense.  It was a good set, but the encore was... well... annoying.  They played three songs in some wierd medly jam-band style.  The violin player had a gameboy (original) to keep him occupied, but we had to just stand there.  Bleh.

Cracker played a song off their new disc called Duty Free.  This is strikingly similar to a song by Ike Reilly of the same title.  I assume they both derived from the same source.  Does anybody know what that source would be?

In other news, the team is working very hard to drive to zero bugs.  To help unwind on fridays I have set up a dedicated Halo PC server.  Well, it helps with my stress levels.