June, 2004

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    Peter and I have both been doing a bit of travelling recently. Between STL and NYC, I got Peter to make me a cup of coffee using beans I brought back from Meshuggah . Over coffee we discussed the various reactions you get when someone finds out you work...
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    what have i been up to?

    In May I was in STL, visiting my family and friends. This past week in of June, I was in NYC visiting friends, visiting museums , eating good food , drinking lots of Hoegaarden and Guinness . Between STL and NYC I went to the Van Gogh exhibit at the Seattle...
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    windows xp sp2 rc2

    I have been slacking in the posting department during my recent travels. RC2 shipped last week, while I was in NYC. Others have spoken about it. I will describe briefly what changed wrt pop-up blocker. But first a warning: everyday we have an internal...
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    windows media player 10 tech beta

    I installed the WMP10 Tech Beta on my workstation here at work. At first I was mildy annoyed by some UI bugs, but it is a beta and I have faith they will hammer those out. What really made my day though was a new play list feature. I had added a carefully...
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