September, 2004

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    oppressive fork clarinet

    Raymond's eagerly awaited spam-graph post went live today. Since he works downstairs I got a sneak peak at it earlier this week. Since then I have been thinking about spam a bit. Spam used to really annoy me. I have an old university account that does...
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    How do I change what CTRL+ENTER does in IE?

    When using IE, CTRL + ENTER is a very useful shortcut. It puts 'http://www' before the text in the address bar and '.com' at the end. So if I want to visit '' all I have to do is type ALT + D , microsoft, CTRL + ENTER . But what...
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    IE shortcuts

    My roommate had a house guest over this weekend and I woke one morning to find her in the office attempting to use a computer currently busy showing football in full screen mode. She was grapling with the trackball, a device she was unfamiliar with. When...
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