After successfully getting Windows XP SP2 installed on my laptop, I started installing other software. 
This post has nothing to do with IE, but I need to vent.

Nameless 3rd Party App: Where do you want to install me?  How about c:\nameless?
Jeffdav: How about c:\program files\nameless?
Nameless 3rd Party App: It is a bad idea to install me somewhere with spaces in the path.  Continue anyway?
Jeffdav: No.  Lame.  At least it knows it is lame and told me while I still have a chance to do something about it. 
Jeffdav: Okay, fine, c:\nameless.

Nameless Microsoft App: Installing...
Nameless Microsoft App: Installing... <30 minutes later>
Microsoft Windows: You have lost your connection to the wireless LAN! (I was walking to a meeting.)
Nameless Microsoft App: Internal Error 3452.  [OK]
Microsoft Windows: You have reconnected to the wireless LAN!
Jeffdav: <clicks OK>
Nameless Microsoft App: Uninstalling...
Nameless Microsoft App: Thanks for playing.  Please start from the beginning again.

Of course I did have success stories.  Windows was easy to install off the slipstream CD.  Putty, as always, was easy to install since setup for putty is simply xcopy.

The moral of this story, I guess, is that Setup is Hard.