November, 2004

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    Index.dat Part III - How do I delete index.dat?

    These data files are used by Internet Explorer and Windows Explorer. You cannot delete a file that is in use by a running program. If you feel you need to delete the file, you will have to shutdown all instances of Explorer and IE. This includes applications...
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    Index.dat: Part II - What are they used for?

    As I mentioned in Part I , index.dat files are used by various features of IE to keep track of URLs and associated information about URLs. The two primary consumers of these files are the Temporary Internet Files folder (TIF) and History. TIF uses an...
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    Index.dat: Part I - What is index.dat?

    If you go poking around in [d]:\Documents and Settings\[user name]\Local Settings\History\, for example, you will find several index.dat files laying around. (Note: several of the directories that I listed in the path are hidden directories.) We (the...
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