February, 2005

  • Jeff Lucovsky's blog

    Team Foundation Alerts

    Team Foundation alerts are a way for users to receive notifications when certain conditions occur. You can subscribe to these alerts on your client system through Team -> Alerts. Team Foundation sends alerts for these events -- each of these events...
  • Jeff Lucovsky's blog

    Why BisRegEdit is sometimes the reported culprit of a failed install.

    I've been reading the newsgroup postings setup for Team System. Of particular interest, are those dealing with setup issues as I've spent a fair amount of time working with "setup" to make sure that the pieces work together. There are two types of installs...
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    Hi, my name is Jeff Lucovsky. I have been @ Microsoft since September 2003 working exclusively on Source Code Control. Most of my day-to-day work involves changes to the application tier but I have made some changes to the client-tier. Prior to Microsoft...
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