Jennifer Marsman

Machine Learning, Big Data, Azure, and Windows Development

July, 2008

  • Jennifer Marsman

    Write your own games for the XBOX: XNA Development Videos

    Back in September, I did a series of webcasts for Code To Live on XNA Development, which allows you to create games for either the XBOX or your PC.  Check them out: Part 1: Getting Started with the XNA Framework Part 2: Differences Between Windows...
  • Jennifer Marsman

    Ann Arbor Give Camp

    I am truly fortunate to be part of such an amazing developer community!  I am still reeling from the passion that I experienced at the Ann Arbor Give Camp last weekend.  The Ann Arbor Give Camp was a weekend-long codefest where developers, designers...
  • Jennifer Marsman

    Celebrate Contribupendence Day on July 3!

    My fellow developer evangelist for Michigan, Ohio, Kentucky, and Tennessee - the great Jeff Blankenburg - had an extremely cool idea.  On Thursday July 3, the day before Independence Day in the United States, he is celebrating “Contribupendence...
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