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March, 2009

  • Jennifer Marsman

    Featured Woman in Technology: Rebecca Norlander

    Rebecca Norlander is one of my personal heroines. Microsoft holds an annual Women's Conference, and I remember attending when I had just joined the company out of college, and being inspired by Rebecca's talk. She is one of the most senior-level women...
  • Jennifer Marsman

    Celebrate Ada Lovelace Day!

    Tuesday, March 24 is "Ada Lovelace Day".  Ada Lovelace is credited with being the first computer programmer.  She worked with Charles Babbage, who designed the first mechanical programmable computer, called the "Analytical Engine"...
  • Jennifer Marsman

    Building Applications with SQL Server 2008

    Yesterday I gave a webcast on developer functionality in SQL Server 2008.  I covered SQL Server spatial  support, T-SQL enhancements, Visual Studio integration, and SQL CLR.  Here is a link to the recording on LiveMeeting: https://www.livemeeting...
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