Jennifer Marsman

Windows Development

November, 2009

  • Jennifer Marsman

    PDC 2009

    I’ve just returned home from the Professional Developers Conference (PDC), a conference focused on new technology from Microsoft.  A number of exciting announcements were made: The Windows Azure Platform was released. The Silverlight 4 Beta was unveiled...
  • Jennifer Marsman

    My Schedule for PDC

    I am very fortunately able to attend the Professional Developer Conference (PDC) this year.  There are far too many great sessions to attend them all, but I’ve taken a rough stab at some of the sessions I’d like to hit.  It’s so hard to choose...
  • Jennifer Marsman

    Stephen Toub Tour – Parallel Computing Resources

    Last week, Stephen Toub met with roughly 450 people on his Parallel Computing tour ! He toured through Nashville, Louisville, Cincinnati, Cleveland, and Detroit, meeting with customers during the day and speaking at user group meetings in the evenings...
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