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August, 2011

  • Jennifer Marsman

    Marsman V2.0 has shipped (and I’m now on maternity leave)

    Following my earlier product announcement , I’m excited to announce that after a long nine-month development period, Marsman V2.0 has been released.  Features include 10 fingers and 10 toes, a cute little upturned nose, and (so far) a decent sleep...
  • Jennifer Marsman

    HTML5 Part 5: Resources, Websites, and Tools

    I hope that this week’s introduction to HTML5 has been useful.  Here’s what we covered: Semantic Markup and Page Layout Canvas Audio and Video Using HTML5 while retaining support for older browsers Resources, Websites, and Tools But also note that...
  • Jennifer Marsman

    HTML5 Part 4: Using HTML5 while retaining support for older browsers

    So far this week, we’ve discussed lots of cool new functionality in HTML5, including the new semantic elements , the canvas tag for drawing , and the audio and video support .  You may think that this stuff is really cool, but you can’t possibly...
  • Jennifer Marsman

    HTML5 Part 3: Audio and Video

    One of the big features that is new in HTML5 is the ability to support playing audio and videos.  Prior to HTML5, you needed a plug-in like Silverlight or Flash for this functionality.  In HTML5, you can embed audio and video using the new <audio>...
  • Jennifer Marsman

    HTML5 Part 2: Canvas

    Another new element in HTML5 is the < canvas > tag.  It is essentially a blank surface for drawing.  You need to use JavaScript to manipulate and draw on the canvas.   You may want to give your canvas element an id attribute...
  • Jennifer Marsman

    HTML5 Part 1: Semantic Markup and Page Layout

    This week, I will be publishing a 5-part blog post series on HTML5.  This series is an introduction to HTML5 and some of the cool new functionality it provides.  In this first blog post, I’ll discuss semantic markup.  Semantic elements...
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