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Marsman V2.0 has shipped (and I’m now on maternity leave)

Marsman V2.0 has shipped (and I’m now on maternity leave)

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FionaElizabethMarsman-smallFollowing my earlier product announcement, I’m excited to announce that after a long nine-month development period, Marsman V2.0 has been released.  Features include 10 fingers and 10 toes, a cute little upturned nose, and (so far) a decent sleep mode.  She inputs milk and outputs plentifully. 

Here are the specs:

  <name>Fiona Elizabeth Marsman</name>
  <weight lbs="8" oz="15" />
  <length in="21" />

I’m now on maternity leave until mid-January 2012 to figure out this new product, which did NOT come with much documentation.  While I’m out, you can contact my coworkers if you need assistance:

Local Heartland support for people in Michigan, Ohio, Kentucky, and Tennessee:

Windows Client support:

Web support:

Windows Phone support:

Windows Azure support:

Visual Studio support:

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