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  • Blog Post: //build 2013 – Day 2 Keynote

    Following the //build day 1 keynote , there was also a keynote on the second day of the //build conference 2013.  In case you missed it, all session recordings will be available at . The Day 2 Keynote recording is at
  • Blog Post: Surface Development Part 2: Surface Controls

    Are you familiar with WPF?  If so, you’re most of the way there with Surface development!  Many of the Surface controls derive from and have similar functionality to corresponding WPF controls, but provide extra enhancements for the Surface.  For example, the Surface’s SurfaceWindow...
  • Blog Post: Where is the Events tab in the WPF Designer?

    Here's a good question that I got the other day:  "How do I, in Visual Studio, wire up an event handler in the WPF designer without editing the XAML or doing the wiring in code?  Where's the Events tab in the Property dialog box like I get in Windows Forms?" The short answer is that...
  • Blog Post: When should I use WPF vs. Silverlight?

    In my role, I work with a number of large corporations, and this is a question that they ask me regularly: What is the difference between the Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) and Silverlight, and in what scenarios does it make sense to use each?  Microsoft feels that user experience is important...
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