Let's say that your design is evolving, and a relationship that was correct before, now needs to go to another shape. In beta 1 you'd have to delete it and create a new one. That is no longer the case. You can now reconnect a relationship by pressing the Ctrl key and moving one of the ends to its new target. Let me demonstrate:


Let's say that I have decided that Customer should no longer be associated with OrderItem directly, but rather with Order, so I want to move the endpoint from OrderItem to Order.

Hover the mouse over a relationship. You see that you get the standard "move" cursor. But that is not the one that's going to do it for us...

Before moving 


Instead, move the cursor towards the end of the relationship. When you get to the right area, the cursor will change into a black move cursor. This is the one that we want!

Reconnect cursor


Now Press the Ctrl key

Then press down the mouse button

Start dragging

Now you're dragging the connection!

Dragging the connection. 


Drag it to the new shape you'd like to connect to and let go:



So there! We have moved our connector. And in case you wonder, you can move either end of the connection.


What's the catch?

Well, no catch, but an unfortunate gap: This does not fully work in the Sequence diagram. We hope to fix that in a future release. What you can do, is to drag and drop messages to reorder them, but unfortunately you can't change which Lifeline a message connects to.


The big picture: Supporting explorative design.

The reason we put this feature in, was mainly to support "explorative" use of the architecture designers. This is where you use the designer as a thinking tool, adding new elements, changing them as your thoughts take new paths, etc. 


I have a few questions about this scenario. I'd love to hear from any of you who use architectural designers in this way, or who have tried and stopped doing it.

·         What features in a designer makes it easier to create designs in an explorative/incremental way?

·         What makes it hard to do that?

·         Are there things in our tools that are missing or that are getting in your way when trying this?


Any comments or questions are welcome!


Next week I'll continue with another tip and more questions :-)


Have a nice week until then,