Taking a few minutes to tie up some lose ends and highlight some opportunities...

  • On the Word command usage contest: As of the first 32 comments, no one has guessed the top five most-used commands in Microsoft Word correctly yet.  Not only has no one guessed them in order--no one has even got the list of 5 correct yet!  So feel free to put another guess in the box.  I'll reveal the winner on Monday.
  • Tim Briggs, one of our usability leads has agreed to hang around and help answer questions in some of the more hardcore usability topics.  He's currently posting in the Usability Redux comments area, so you might want to check that out.
  • Savraj, a program manager focusing on UI extensibility, has agreed to help out answering questions in my ongoing developer-oriented series that I kicked off last week.  Look for him posting here for now, and then in future comments areas for developer topics.
  • On the comments areas of the blog: thanks for making the comments area interesting by posting your ideas and keeping the talk civil (unlike so many other comments areas!)  I do read every comment that you post, although I don't have time every day to reply individually to them.  Increasingly, I plan on addressing questions asked there in posts, especially when the comment is of wide interest.  Anyway, I do appreciate the comments and didn't want you to think they were in vain--they're the most rewarding and fun part of the blog for me.
  • On coming here and reading what I have to say: I'm floored by how many of you come here and spend a few minutes of the day with me.  All I can say is "thank you" and I'll do my best to try keep you interested.
  • Despite what people are writing as fact in the blogosphere, Beta 1 of Office 12 doesn't yet exist.
  • With this post, I'm breaking the 30,000-word boundary!  How long is a book, anyway?
  • A number of people have written to ask me about jobs at Microsoft.  We have a great web site with a lot of information on it, as well as resume submission: http://members.microsoft.com/careers.  Steven Sinofsky has also written in his blog about careers working on Office; you might find that interesting reading.
  • My car does not have to be plugged in!  I've had a Ford Escape Hybrid SUV for just over a year now.  I love it, and I believe in the technology (and at 6'6" I'm not fitting in any Prius anyway.)  But the number one question I get from people when they see the Hybrid badge, even in the Microsoft parking garage is: "how long do you have to plug it in for before going on a drive?"  Do Prius people get these questions too, or is it just because people don't see many hybrid Escapes on the road yet?  There's a hard road ahead getting people to buy hybrid autos when the average person thinks they need to be plugged in like a golf cart.  Nevertheless, Ford rules for shipping a full-featured hybrid SUV years before anyone else.
  • PreviewSeek appears to have some cool search features, and I'm honored in a weird way that my name comes up in the green box at the top when you search for Office 12, but... well, they got my gender wrong.  Also, what's all this "Office Vista" stuff?  The product is codenamed Office "12" and that's all there is so far...

Jensen Out!