A big thanks to everyone who came to hear me speak last night at the BayCHI monthly program at PARC.  I enjoyed meeting so many of you in person and hearing your feedback and ideas.  Thanks especially to Rashmi, Deanna, Suzanne, Steve, and everyone else from BayCHI who made me feel welcome and helped manage the logistics of the event.  The turnout was great, and I hope those of you who came found it worthwhile.  (And hopefully, there are a few new readers here.)

For those of you who weren't there, the good news is that the BayCHI team should be releasing material from last night's event online as soon as today.  When it is available, I'll post again to let you know the location.

In my talk, I covered a lot of background material about why we're doing the new Office 12 user experience, details about the most important parts of the new interface itself, and answered questions for a while.  If you saw me speak at PDC or MVP Summit, some of the root material is similar, but tuned to the audience of user interface and usability professionals.

Thanks again for a great event, the interesting questions, and to BayCHI for extending me the invitation.