Another in my series of posts on personal favorite improvements in Office 12...

Did you know there are a variety of underline styles available in Word?  Ever want to double underline some text?  Or put a dotted underline under certain words?  Or a wavy underline?  All of these styles are frequently used within certain types of specialized documents, yet most people only ever found the simple Underline button on the toolbar.

The rest of the underline styles are hidden away in the Font dialog, accessible only through the Format menu.  But even if you found them, there wasn't really an efficient way to apply these styles frequently.

In Word 12, we show a gallery of possible styles as part of the underline split button on the Write tab.  You can click the big part of the button to apply the default single underline style to the selected text, or click the arrow to reveal a gallery of secondary styles.

This could be a big timesaver if you use these styles a lot--and hopefully a lot more people will find them as well.