Speaking of options, did you know you can show two time zones at once in the Outlook calendar?

This tip works in all versions of Outlook.

Go into Tools.Options and click the Calendar Options button and then the Time Zone button. Alternatively, you right-click the time bar on the left side of the calendar and choose "Change Time Zone" (this is the best way in Outlook 97.)

Now you can turn on any second time zone you wish. You can label one or both of them to help you remember what they are.

A word of warning: use caution with the "Swap Time Zones" button. It does a little more than you might think--it promotes your secondary time zone to be your new Windows system time zone as well as making your old primary time zone secondary. This means that your system clock will change, meaning that you probably only want to do this when you're physically located in a secondary time zone and want to swap everything (Outlook and Windows.)

The good news is, if you swap by mistake, a simple press of the Swap button again will put you back.

You can read more about time management features in Outlook 12 here.