Last Thursday, I had the opportunity to speak at the April Vancouver User Experience (VanUE) meeting.

The venue at a theater in the Vancouver Film School was quite nice--unfortunately there weren't quite enough seats to go around and some people had to stand through the presentation. A huge thanks to Ben Skelton who extended the invite and organized the event. He mentioned that he'll be trying out Office 2007 Beta 2 on his Mac (through Boot Camp)--I thought that was pretty cool.

One of the people in attendance put up some pictures of the event. I thought this one was pretty funny--I look like I'm giving some sort of sermon on the complexity of the old UI. And here's an adorable picture of me and Clippy.

Anyway, I had a great time speaking and the audience asked great questions. I'm always willing to stand and answer questions as long as people have them, but in this case, Ben finally had to step in and send everyone home (or else we might have been there all night!)

The slides from the presentation, entitled "Beyond Menus and Toolbars in Microsoft Office," are available in PDF form on the VanUE web site. (Created with the built-in PDF generation in Office 2007, of course!)

Thanks again to everyone who braved a cold and wet night to come chat about UI!