Many people have reported here on the blog or through e-mail that they are having problems activating their copy of Office 2007 Beta 2.

I’m really sorry this isn’t working well, but that’s kind of to be expected with beta software sometimes. The activation servers are just slammed with people trying to activate their software—I know that the team that owns this is aware of the problem and are working hard on resolving it.

Microsoft launched the two biggest betas in its history yesterday but I don’t think anyone expected the sheer number of downloads and attempted activations of Vista and Office 2007.

Testing the activation servers is an important part of making sure that the product is ready to ship so, in a way, some good has come of this in that team has learned a lot about improving the process for RTM.

So, thanks for your patience and give it a try during off-peak times or in a few days when things have cooled off a bit.