On Monday, I wrote a little post with a screenshot of the third Office 2007 color scheme, Silver.

I took the screenshot on Windows Vista both because that's all I had running on my home computer at the time and because I wanted to show some of the integration between the new visuals and Aero glass.

Many of you wrote to me via e-mail asking for additional pictures, particularly ones taken on Windows XP. I don't have time to take a whole bunch right now (and as I mentioned Monday, the visuals aren't final quite yet anyway), but here's one I made for you of PowerPoint 2007 Silver running on top of Windows XP Silver.

PowerPoint 2007 Silver on Windows XP Silver
(Click to enlarge and view full picture)

A few of you asked: "I can't find the option to switch to Silver, only Blue and Black; where is it?" This new color scheme was added to the product after Beta 2, so you only have Black and Blue right now. In the final product, you will be able to switch among all three schemes.

That's all for today. Tomorrow you'll want to stop by, because I'm going to write about what I think is one of the coolest new "finishing touch" features we added to the user interface since Beta 2.