I've published over 200 posts on this blog since I started it last September.

With all of those posts, it can be hard to remember what you've read and what you haven't… and it can be hard for new people to jump in and figure out where to start reading.

I've been meaning to sit down and create a kind of table of contents for all of the posts here—a starting point for people to read about the Office 2007 UI.

But then, I found out that someone already did the work for me. Patrick Schmid, a OneNote MVP and friend of the Office 2007 UI, put together what he called the Office UI Bible on his blog—a fully organized catalog of many of my posts.

And so with Patrick's kind permission I reprint here the catalog of Office 2007 UI posts (so far.)

I hope you find it useful—and thanks, Patrick!

Why a New UI for Office 2007?

Overview of the New UI

Ribbon UI Elements

The Size of the Ribbon, Screen Real-Estate, Ribbon Scaling, and Minimization

Migrating to Office 2007

UI Themes and Visuals

Keyboard Control of the Ribbon

New Fonts for Office 2007

Customizing Office 2007 (Add-ins, RibbonX)

Note that most examples shown in the following posts need to be updated for use with the RTM version.

From First Sketches to the Final Design

Design Tenets

Design Ponderings

An Inside Look Into UI Design, Usability, Development and Testing at Microsoft

Office Themes

New Features in Office 2007 Involving the New UI


The Office 2007 UI team