What is the ultimate community experience for developers?  I am a program manager at Microsoft that works on helping developers find interesting ways to help the community and make developers more successful.  This is an exciting opportunity to start a blog and I hope that I can find others who have similar interests in community.

I often wonder what a developer needs to be successful in this day and age.  I believe (tell me if I am wrong...) that many of us struggle to find the programming answers that we need.  It is not because the answers don't exist, although in some cases they don't, but there are so many great community resources to choose from.  In some cases I think a developer can find themselves drowning in all the information trying to find the correct resource to help with a project. 

What do developers need to be more successful with community?  This is not about driving or forcing community, but how can it be better enabled.  This is about the tips and tricks that developers use to find resources.  For instance, web sites like the ASP.NET Web forums are great for finding Q&A questions.  Other sites like MSDN are great for finding Product Documentation, SDK, Technical Articles and Videos like MSDNTV.  There are a large number of great 3rd Party sites that also have some great information.  This leads me to the big question, how do you find all the answers from various resources?  How do you research and store that information for a later date?

I hope to hear from you about what you like and dislike about community and what you would like to see more of the community.