Thanks for all the great comments on Communities and Developers.  I was definately interested in the many of the items that were discussed and I thought I would maybe write about these over the next few days.

There was definitely some common thought about the importance of local events.  Simon Stewart indicated in his feedback that regular meetings where were an important part of the community experience.  Denny wrote about the needs to bring event broadcasts to local areas since getting across town is much easier then getting to some of the larger events that require travel.  I would guess that most of you use the internet to find a group in your area or perhaps are using the Microsoft User Groups site.  Some of you are probably even organizing these types of events and are looking for great speakers to come and talk. 

How do you typically find these events?  How would you like to be notified about events?  Would a community profile help so events could be targeted to your interests?  What profile information would be important for not only those looking to attend events, but also those looking to use the system to organize an event? 

I guess it really comes down to the question of how much information would you share based on the value that could be returned.  For example, if I indicated a geographical region in my profile I would expect to get notifications of events in my area if I provided it.