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November, 2006

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About The JPK Experience

The JPK Experience is all about me, JPK.  Well not really, this is a place for me to provide you with a means of both finding out information about the Developer Solutions team and the projects we work on.  Its also a place to send suggestions for us, we welcome feedback of all kinds, so don't be shy!

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    My first Zune experience

    I'm going to take a little diversion from my normal Power Toy goodness to blog about Zune. Yeah I know, bandwagon, sellout, blah blah. My blog, my post. :) So I bought a Zune today, went out to Sears after work, and got the black one. I tried to get...
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    Source code released for Pack Installer on CodePlex

    Despite taking me a lot longer than I anticipated, the source code for the Beta version of Pack Installer is now available on the CodePlex site. This lets us finally start to do what we've wanted to with this tool, which is collaborative development....
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    Problems reported with Pack Installer, I may have the answer

    I've been getting reports from multiple sources indicating that there's a problem with the Pack Installer. The symptom seems to be an exception thrown at startup. If you see this message: see the end of this message for details on invoking just...
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    A new look

    I'm trying out a new look for the blog. If the site seems unreadable to you now, and you think it makes more sense back the way it was, let me know.
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    One last thing!

    I forgot to mention that there are new tools included in the listings as well! New in the feed are: ILMerge - This tool rocks! I actually use it when I put the release of Pack Installer together. It lets you merge assemblies together so you can...
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    Pack Installer Beta released!!!

    On Friday I was able to get the Beta version of the Pack Installer released to CodePlex. Follow the link to get your hands on its goodness. New features in the Beta include: Basic sorting of the list of tools Ability to run the uninstall of...
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