Apparently I've taken an unintended sabbatical from blogging for awhile.  The months of November and December were just crazy, between finishing planning for, and travelling home to get married the whole last two months have flown by.  There should be a marked increase in post traffic from me starting today.  There are going to be lots of exciting things happening in the Power Toys for Visual Studio world soon that will be fun to talk about.

The new version of my Pack Installer tool is just getting finished up for release soon with some very cool new features.  We'll also be adding more tools to the list of available ones in the near future.  Which means pretty much as soon as I get confirmation that the new feed is working I'll be blogging about what's new in the feed file.

I may post some wedding pictures here or possibly links to some, I'll try not to overdo it, but this is a pretty convenient place to point people to.  :)

That's all for now!