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July, 2005

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    Inlining IL link

    A tool for inlining IL in C#/VB . (Essentially.)
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    Generic Collections IV

    Back again, and as promised... Subclassing Generic Collections The framework provides three basic collections that are intended for derivation. They are located in System.Collections.ObjectModel: Collection<T> KeyedCollection<TKey...
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    Generic Collections III

    So far I've gone over the basics of generic collections and moved on to looking at List<T> and Predicate<T>. As mentioned yesterday, this post will deal with subclassing and the other System delegate types. The "Other" System.Delegates...
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    Generic Collections II

    In yesterday's post I went over the very basics of generic collections in the 2.0 .Net framework. Today I pick up where I left off with... Predicate<T> System.Predicate<T> is a generic delegate that is used to specify a search condition...
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    Generic Collections I

    In one of my first posts I briefly mentioned that I would discuss a bit about what I've learned about using the new generic collections. I've been putting it off a bit because I knew it would be a bit lengthy, but I really feel this is important so I...
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    A little more on bytes and endianness (byte order)

    In my last post I talked about converting structs into byte arrays and vice versa. There are a couple of related posts I've found that are worth reading: Read binary files more efficiently using C# Convert Integers to Byte Arrays The first...
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    Byte of a struct and onto endian concerns

    [Updated: added performance data. 7/19] I haven't written for a while, but it hasn't been for lack of things to write about. Just been a little busier than normal lately. I'll let you imagine why. ;) Something that I've been working on is parsing...
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