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Thoughts from a developer on the Expression Suite. Coding tidbits (Managed C++, C#, interoping with unmanaged code) and just general things related to Expression.

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    Acrylic Automation: Crossing the Barrier

    Ok, so I really was chomping at the bit to blog. Now that we've gone beta I can get a lot of things off of my chest. Just too awkward to blog much before the product was announced, you know? In this post I'm going to give a bit of info on how to write...
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    VS 2005 Managed C++ Syntax Pt. 1

    I had very little experience in C++ when I sat down and tried my hand at using Managed C++ in Whidbey last fall (C++/CLI). Documentation was a bit more sparse back then and I found a few things a little difficult to figure out. I've looked again and I...
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    Automating Acrylic

    Here's the first of many posts to come out of what I've learned and experienced attempting to automate Acrylic. As mentioned before and elsewhere, Microsoft acquired Creature House a few years ago. With this acquisition came the creative design toolset...
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    Acrylic has gone live!

    [updated 1/31/06 to use new blog photo gallery] Greetings from within Microsoft! I'm excited to let you know that we've just released the beta for Acrylic, an application for professional graphic designers. Please go take a look, download, and send...
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